EKTOPLAZM - рай в огороде dark psy chill trance glitch

Для любителей улететь под хороший фьюче-дарк-музон...Ультра бесплатная EKTOPLAZM records поможет. Небольшой обзор




Navigator is the latest studio album from First Aid 4 Souls (Istvan Gazdag), a veteran act from Hungary with deep roots in the industrial music scene. This album crosses boundaries, deliberately mixing the pulsations of psytrance with the rich melodies of new wave and the strict grinding of industrial metal. Living up to the claim that “current musical trends have no effect on us at all”, the results sound like almost nothing else out there today. Mastered by Istvan Gazdag at First Aid 4 Souls Studio.





Xnorophis offers an organic edge to electronic music, bringing in acoustic elements, world sounds and ecliptic vocals to the mix. This release, Eyes, offers a tribal psytrance flavour with plenty of tam-tam rhythms mixed with techno beats, electro, ambient synths, and hypnotic vocals. Xnorophis is created by Scottish producer Martin Bennett, who now resides in Montreal, Canada. He enjoys working with guest artists, locally and from all parts of the globe, to spice up the sound. Mastering by Studio Loco, Montréal, Canada. Artwork by Tom Hamlyn.



nitropic is proud to present The Signs: Entanglement, an epic world-beat, deep tribal trance, cinematic downtempo album by Koan (Daniel Roeth & William Grey). Spanning more than two hours of airtime with a total of 40 tracks, this release is a mega-mix of selected works from 2004-2009. Through evocative storytelling Koan invites you to take an unforgettable journey into the heart of magic and mystery. Cover design by Basilisk using original photography by Alex E. Proimos.



Encoder is the first release on Ektoplazm by German artist Xenofish (Christian Becker). This release has different styles (Drum and Bass, Full-On, Breakbeat) with some distorted liquidlike sounding and an evolving sound design. One tune with Cybernetika is also there to give a little hint on a collaboration album with Cybernetika. Cover also by Christian Becker.


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